What is TRAGA?

A new Milanese design brand redefining core utility objects. Focusing on glassware, the products are multipurpose and informal, made to spark a conversation. ‘Traga’ a noun derived from Proto-Slavic, signifies the act of leaving a trace or a mark, such as the subtle stains and imprints that glassware leaves on table linens after a vibrant evening.

TRAGA encourages the modern citizen to prioritize quality time both for self-reflection and social connections. Our mission is to challenge the ordinary with objects that allow an escape from the hectic tempo of contemporary living.


Traga has a showroom nestled in the heart of Milan, precisely situated at Via Ruggero Bonghi 12. Positioned within a vibrant hub of design studios and pulsating creative energy, our studio and showroom offer an immersive experience where you can explore a curated selection of products and discover exclusive works not showcased in our online store. We welcome you to visit us at your convenience on any working day, providing an opportunity to engage with our unique offerings in person.


TRAGA is committed to sustainability in every aspect of the brand. The products are designed with full recyclability in mind, starting from the packaging to the actual product itself. We prioritize the use of recycled cardboard for our packaging, and our choice of borosilicate glass (Pyrex) ensures an infinitely recyclable material that can be re-melted endlessly, minimizing waste and environmental impact.

Murano Glass


We at TRAGA collaborate with global talent. If you are a designer or a maker, with an idea that fits into TRAGA’s world, please send us your proposal at contact(at)traga.it

OPEN CALL - Redefining the drinking glass
(deadline 01 August 2024)

"Cult double use glasses" Vogue Italia, May 2023