Milano Design Week 2024 Official Program

For Milano Design Week 2024, TRAGA will present its Martini Shot Glass in five exciting locations. This is the official program where you can experience the glass that is perfect for both shots and martini cocktails.



TRAGA will have a designated spot at this year's Convey exhibition. Convey is a project born with the aim of creating a system among contemporary brands and key players to accelerate the growth path, fostering collaboration, and promoting shared values with the goal of contributing to the construction of the new scenario of international design. Presenting alongside brands such as Sunnei, CC-Tapis, Vero, and Very Simple Kitchen, among others.


Founded by: Simple Flair and Very Simple Kitchen Brand Identity: Giga Design Studio Press and PR: Strategic Footprints


Event Details: April 15th - 21st 10:00 - 20:00 Via dell’Aprica 12




2. Bar Lido

Bar Lido is a bar specializing in creative cocktails located near the Navigli canal, an area popular for its drinks and aperitivo culture. This year, Bar Lido is teaming up with TRAGA to organize an exhibition featuring TRAGA's Martini Shot Glass. Besides showcasing the glasses, Bar Lido will create custom-made cocktails for each colorway of the Martini Shot Glass. You will be able to enjoy the classic martini in the Amber & Lilac Glass, a red sunshine cocktail in the Blue & Pink Glass, a Lido Daiquiri cocktail in the Transparent Glass, and a Saint Tropez cocktail in the Teal and Blue Glass. Additionally, a special offer will be available: buy a cocktail and get a glass of your color choice.


Event Details: April 18th - 21st 17:00 - 01:00 Piazzale Antonio Cantore 4 Opening Party on the 18th, 20:00 - 01:00




3. DOPO? space

'Sit, feast on your life' is the name of the exhibition that will take place at DOPO? space, curated by Janice Li, Anne Zhou, and Ambra Dentella. The exhibition is set on a 10-meter-long table showcasing 60 international designers who create tableware objects. TRAGA will showcase the Martini Shot Glass in each colorway. Various events will happen during Salone del Mobile 2024 on the table, such as talks, food tastings, and interactions with the objects.


Event Details: April 15th - 21st 12:00 - 00:00 Via Carlo Boncompagni 51/10 Opening Party on the 17th, 20:00 - 00:00





This year, ALYSI, a fashion label from Rome, Italy, organizes an exhibition in their showroom in Brera called Wunderkammer. The exhibition showcases a perfume brand, Bjork and Berries, alongside TRAGA's glassware, set in a magical setting designed by Martina Sanzarello. A variety of natural species from Scandinavian countries such as fungi and herbs will be present at the exhibition, alongside the transparent Martini Shot Glass and perfumes. The exhibition is shaped by Around Studio, a creative consultancy, and PR based in Milan.


Event Details: April 8th - 27th 10:30 - 19:30 Via Ponte Vetero 6





This year, TRAGA will convert its studio into an exhibition space showcasing three photos from emerging photographers from the Milanese scene. The photos will be framed as artworks, showcasing the beauty of the Martini Shot Glass rendered through the aesthetic of three talented photographers. Alongside the photos, the glasses will be showcased on plinths and arranged in sculptural compositions.


Event Details: April 16th - 21st 10:00 - 18:00 Via Bonghi 12