TRAGA during Milano Design Week 2024

Milan Design Week has come to an end, but we are still reeling from its impact. This was the first time TRAGA showcased its debut product, the Martini Shot Glasses, to the world. We met many new friends and connected with people who felt a strong affinity for these colorful glasses. We presented at five exciting locations where attendees came to see, experience, and drink from the glasses. Nothing makes us happier than seeing people interact with the Martini Shot Glass.


Convey is a project born with the aim of creating a system among contemporary brands and key players to accelerate the growth path, fostering collaboration, and promoting shared values with the goal of contributing to the construction of the new scenario of international design. Presenting alongside brands such as Sunnei, CC-Tapis, A.P.C. Paris, Casa Parini, and others, TRAGA showcased its debut product, the Martini Shot Glass, in four colorways. The concept behind the setup of the Martini Shot Glasses was to create a 'spill-out' effect using resin. The glasses were arranged as if they had fallen on the floor, giving the impression that their contents had spilled. Additionally, a Martini cocktail with an olive was displayed to further enhance the illusion of people using the glasses.


Founded by: Simple Flair and Very Simple Kitchen; Brand Identity: Giga Design Studio; Press and PR: Strategic Footprints

Location: Basic Village, Via dell'Aprica, 12, Milano
Photography: Matteo Bianchessi



2. Bar Lido

Bar Lido teamed up with TRAGA for cocktail evenings during Salone del Mobile. Bar Lido created four custom-made cocktails, each served in a different colorway of the Martini Shot Glass. People enjoyed the classic martini in the Amber & Lilac Glass, a red sunshine cocktail in the Blue & Pink Glass, a Lido Daiquiri cocktail in the Transparent Glass, and a Saint Tropez cocktail in the Teal and Blue Glass.Visitors were able to enjoy cocktails from the Martini Shot Glasses and also had the option to purchase them at the bar, receiving a complimentary cocktail with their purchase. Special thanks to DJ Francesco Rossini for the amazing set of disco and Italo tunes on vinyl.

Location: BAR LIDO, Piazzale Antonio Cantore 4, Milan
Photography: Guglielmo Daloiso 



3. DOPO? space

Sit, Feast on your Life, an exhibition curated by Janice Li, Anne Zhou, and Ambra Dentella was a hybrid installation-roundtable-dinner party featuring over 50 international creatives. It explores the power of designed objects as a social binding force through exchanging ideas, sharing food, playing games and music. Situated on a 10m long table designed by Felix Pottinger and crafted by Eham. TRAGA showcased the Martini Shot Glass in each colorway. 


Location: DOPO? space, Via Carlo Boncompagni 51/10
Photography: Filippo Telaro




This year, ALYSI, a fashion label from Rome, Italy, organized an exhibition in their showroom in Brera called Wunderkammer. The exhibition showcased a perfume brand, Bjork and Berries, alongside TRAGA's glassware, set in a magical setting designed by Martina Sanzarello. A variety of natural species from Scandinavian countries such as fungi and herbs will be present at the exhibition, alongside the transparent Martini Shot Glass and perfumes. The exhibition is shaped by Around Studio, a creative consultancy, and PR based in Milan.


Location: ALYSI Store, Via Ponte Vetero 6
Photography: Silvia Sirpresi




This year, TRAGA converted its studio into an exhibition space showcasing three photos from emerging photographers from the Milanese scene: Laura Baiardini, Agostino Chiarucci w/ Sade Linda Ekwedike & Studio Ellisse. Alongside the three framed photographs, the glasses were showcased on reflective fabric and visitors were asked to photograph using flashlight.

Location: TRAGA Showroom, Via Ruggero Bonghi 12, Milano
Photo: Courtesy of TRAGA